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By providing some information and answering a few questions we are able to determine exactly what kind of property you are looking for. Many of the properties in Glenbrook are sold quietly through a realtor and never go on the market. How? This is how… I have a list (VIP’s) of clients that have informed me of exactly what they are looking for. When someone comes to me or our company about selling their home or I hear about the possibility of that happening with a property, I contact the VIP’s on my list first. This way they have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer before anyone else or before it goes on the market. Each and every year numerus properties are sold in this fashion in Glenbrook. It’s best to be in the know.

Being a VIP also brings other many benefits to you in the form of discounts at Tahoe’s best restaurants. Price breaks with other local companies including Tahoe’s BEST interior design firm to even significant ongoing discounts with your gas bill! Contact Ryan for a list of these benefits.


View “Terms of Use” for conditions of information provided and rights of engagement as well as exclusive right to represent buyer or seller.

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