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Why Glenbrook Real Estate

Before the modern developments that have now emerged in Glenbrook real estate, It was known as the first settlement of Lake Tahoe, historic Glenbrook, Nevada, is located on the East shore of the Lake. It epitomizes the qualities of a rural, private, lakeshore community. Tahoe’s most exclusive and well-hidden gem features equestrian ranches, hiking trails, tennis courts, a mile-long beach, buoy field with boat pier valet, a private golf club complete with a members-only, top-notch, restaurant & bar and pro-shop. Mark Twain, who frequented the Glenbrook House Hotel declared Glenbrook’s picturesque scenery to be “…the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” For those seeking a quiet, yet active community, there is no better place than Glenbrook. Serenity, with a recreational lifestyle, is what makes this Lake Tahoe’s most sought-after and respected gated community.


Glenbrook was originally settled in the 1850s at the start of the Gold Rush. Because of the ample supply of Jeffrey, Ponderosa and Sugar Pines, as well as White Fir trees, Glenbrook was a natural place for a lumber-mining town. Lumbering commercially began in 1861. Consolidation of V-Flume systems in and near Clear Creek Canyon by 1872 made it possible to float Lumber, cordwood and sawed material across the lake from Spooner’s Summit to Carson City. This eliminated the need for wagon hauling over the 9-year-old Lake Bigler toll road and around Horse Creek Ranch, now known as Kings Canyon Road.

In 1873, the new Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming company, under Duane Bilss, assumed all operations, becoming the largest Comstock wood and lumber combine operation in America. It controlled over 50,000 acres of timberland, operating two to four sawmills, two steam tugs for towing logs, and two logging railroads. The company’s camps employed over 500 men and operated a planning mill and box factory in Carson City. 

When timber depletion and reduced Comstock mining closed the company in 1898, It had taken 750,000,000 board feet of lumber and 500,000 cords of wood from Tahoe basin forests, much of which came from Glenbrook. 

This history remains etched in Glenbrook forever as the names of many of its streets still bare the names from that time: Engine House Circle, Short Road, Glenbrook Inn Road and Lands End, for example. The name “Glenbrook” itself comes from “glen,” a secluded valley, and “brook,” a small stream. 

“Old Highway 50” was once the thoroughfare around Lake Tahoe. “Pray Meadow,” the main road through Glenbrook, was named after Captain Augustus W. Pray, an early pioneer in the basin who settled in Glenbrook in 1860. Pray hand-built a 42-foot-long side-wheeler which became Tahoe’s first steamer. An experienced seaman who sailed both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Captain Pray constructed the boat from scratch laying out the keel, steam-bending the wooden ribs and milling side boards for the hull.

“Powerhouse Road” once had a hydro-wheel that was powered by Glenbrook Creek.

 “Yellow Jacket Road” was an apropos name given by the loggers due to the abundance of these pesky insects that inhabited this section of Glenbrook during this era. 

“Lake Mill Road” was once where one of four saw mills stood. 

“Slaughterhouse Creek Road” lead to the location of the slaughterhouse responsible for feeding almost 1,000 people at the time. Many of the workers were laborers from China which were given their own area to reside called “China Gardens.” 

The outermost boundary which embraced most of the logger’s camps and cabins was called “The Back Road.”

“Yerington Circle” was where many of the high-class group resided such as its namesake and staunch republican, Henry Marvin Yerington who was born in Canada in 1828 and came to Glenbrook, Nevada in 1863. He was actively involved in mining, lumber, railroads and land development in Nevada and California until his death in 1910. He is reported to have been president of sixteen different companies at one time and actively involved in forty. To this day, many of the current residents of Glenbrook dedicate their time to keeping the history alive and well through the Glenbrook Historical Foundation.

To breathe the same air as the angels, you must go to Tahoe” -Mark Twain

Homes for Sale in Glenbrook, NV

There has been a recent buildup of development in Glenbrook, as an ever increasing number of people move to the area for the comfort and serenity it offers while taking advantage of the “new norm” working from home. These include a variety of master planned communities featuring single-family homes, cottages, townhouses and lots.

Single-family homes make up the most of the real estate in Glenbrook, but there’s also a variety of different property types such as cottages, townhouses and a few lots.

However if you seek investment properties in Glenbrook, NV and not just homeownership, Glenbrook real estate also offers the best of a private golf club, equestrian ranches, and a private mile-long beach. These are perfect investment properties if you are aiming to make the most of Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe’s most exclusive and well-hidden gem.

Luxury Homes

Glenbrook real estate does not come short in luxury properties, however its luxury homes are mostly valued in the millions. These properties highlight top-notch design, extensive rooms, breath-taking views and expansive private lots. The majority of these luxury homes are surrounded by the best amenities such as hiking trails, tennis courts, mile-long beach with cabanas, boat pier with valet and a private golf course.

Single Family Homes

Glenbrook offers a wide variety of Single-Family homes, from 2,000 square feet up to over 35,000 square feet all with different types of architectural designs. Homebuyers will definitely find the perfect home that will fit their lifestyle.

Cottages & Townhouses

Cottages and Townhouses also have emerged in the late development in Glenbrook, Featuring uniformed architecture, great outdoor views, and spacious living areas. Residents would also come to enjoy the luxury amenities such as private clubs, seasonal activities/events and parks.

Vacation and Secondary Homes

As Tahoe’s most exclusive and well-hidden gem, Glenbrook is one of the finest destinations for a quick getaway. A lot of properties in the area are vacation and secondary homes, and they range from multi-million dollar homes surrounded by equestrian ranches, hiking trails, tennis courts, a mile-long beach, etc.

Living in Glenbrook, NV

Weather in Glenbrook

It’s cold in the Winter, and Warm in the Summer. Glenbrook’s Mediterranean climate is well suited for its surrounding activities, It gets an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, perfect for beach, boating, floating, and biking. While February and March are the coldest months of the year, it’s the ideal time for ski trips, though spring skiing has lasted until the season started again.

Summer In Tahoe

It is beach weather all day, every day in Glenbrook during summer. Temperatures rarely reach mid-90s during the day, and 50s or 60s degrees Fahrenheit during the night although the usual daytime temperature is a perfect 78 to 82.

Winter In Tahoe

It can be cold in Glenbrook during winter as temperatures can dip below the 20’s especially when there’s a snowstorm. Nonetheless, when it’s not snowing, it’s generally very bright and sunny; the locals allude to it as “bluebird days.” When the sun is out, the temperatures usually move into the mid-40’s.

Parks and Recreation Activities

Glenbrook is perfect for those who want to explore the outdoors, With tons of activities such as beach, boating, kayaking, trailing, golf and biking, people here will surely won’t run out of things to do. It’s a very active community.

Be like Tiger Woods at Glenbrook Club
Enjoy a nine hole golf course along the east shore of Tahoe tucked away in the towering pines of Glenbrook, NV. A private restaurant is available when you are not swinging clubs or enjoying the new bar area during mid June through early October

Pedal or Hike through the trails of Glenbrook, NV.
Glenbrook offers a wide range of biking and hiking trails depending on your skill level. Nonetheless, they will all take you through gorgeous scenery. You can explore easy trails such as Skunk Harbor or be challenged with a more intermediate trail like Flume Trail.

Get a dose of Vitamin-C at Cave Rock
Nestled along the southeastern shore just south of Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe. Enjoy swimming, kayaking, floating and picnics in the crystalline waters of the largest alpine lake in North America where there is also a convenient boat launch.

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